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Orff with Joy

Songs, chants, games, movement, instrumental play

Songs, chants, games, movement, instrumental play


The ‘magic’ that music creates is contagious. There is a connection in music making that surpasses description, and offers satisfaction. When children have a place to be a child, to sing and play with songs and activities that are age-appropriate and relevant to their development, the magic of music flows. Children recognize this, and respond by wanting more. These books are packed with songs and activities that children love to sing, play and do. You will find classics, and new material for the older elementary student. In other words, lessons that work, and you can immediately use.

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Cosmo Music / Empire Music / Long & McQuade / Fun With Composers / Remenyi House of Music / St. John’s Music
Pre-K to Grade 3
We Can Sing…We Can Play…Everyday!
Grades 1 - 6
You Can Walk..You Can Talk..You Can Orff!
Grades 4-8
I Can Show It..’Cause I..Know It!