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Orff with Joy

Songs, chants, games, movement, instrumental play

Songs, chants, games, movement, instrumental play
This site has been developed to support teachers to teach music. Based on the Orff approach, lessons use song, speech, singing, movement, dance, body percussion, word substitution, and percussion instruments. Through the community of the classroom, children explore and connect with themselves, and their world. Here you’ll find sample lessons from Joy’s books, a teacher support section, and regularly updated lessons and ideas when you need something new. The hope and intention is that teachers and students will experience the joy of playing and creating music, and find the joy in self-expression within a loving and accepting community.
“Hi-Ya” #38 Allegro pg. 123, Vol. 1, Carl Orff, Gunild Keetman
Orff-Schulwerk Music for Children Volume 1.
Performing: Summer 2019 Orff Level I Class
Royal Conservatory of Music